We are back from VOLTA NY art fair happy to tell you that Papercut & Noir series had a wonderful success, my big thanks to CES Gallery for this amazing experience!

Papercut & Noir series at CES Gallery booth were chosen to Top 10 must see booths by artnet.com:

…”Los Angeles-based CES Gallery showed the work of young Czech painter Ira Svobodová, abstract paintings from her two series “Noir” and “Papercut” that create mysterious interiors and play with notions of depth.”…

Read more: http://news.artnet.com/art-world/must-see-booths-at-volta-274249

From VOLTA NY review:

…”And late in the day Saturday, Carl E. Smith, director of CES Gallery (Los Angeles), was enthusiastic about the significant interest growing for young Prague-based artist Ira Svobodová’s major New York debut. “We’ve been nonstop from noon until 7 p.m.,” he grinned, offering up a shot of the Czech digestif Becherovka for a toast. “It’s been cool!” Come Sunday, the gallery had sold 9 works in total — all but one shown at the booth — including the three largest paintings (two from Svobodová’s new Papercut series and one from Noir) to one very happy collector.”…

Look forward for solo at CES Gallery, LA in May/June 2015!