White Space
Ira Svobodová

Exhibiting solo in the United States for the first time, CES Contemporary is extraordinarily excited to introduce a new body of work from twenty-seven year old Czech painter, Ira Svobodová. Entitled White Space, the show is a collection of Svobodová´s recently completed series of ideological interior spaces.

Ira Svobodová (1986) received her diploma in 2012 in Michael Rittstein’s pa­inting studio at the Academy of Fine Arts. In her paintings and occasional sculptures she prefers an impressive abstract conception in which she plays with principles of geometry, constructivism and spatial and light effects. Her great source of inspiration is the realm of avant-garde architecture which has been close to her heart from childhood, enabling her to paint modernist compositions of pure colour tones, whether they are vivid or monochromatic. Svobodová never mixes individual colours and applies instead a laborious technique of layering special acrylic gels. During her brief career she has made her mark at both domestic and international exhibitions (for example, Continue to Continue at CES Contemporary in Los Angeles) and her works are included in many a private collection.


May 4, 2013 – May 30,2013
Opening: May 4, 6-9 PM


480 Ocean Avenue
Laguna Beach
CA 92651